Ormsby Mediation

Let’s work this out together.

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Neighbor Disputes, Landlord/Tenant, Agricultural Matters, Property Boundaries, Elder Care, Internal Business Disagreements, Faith-Based Organizations, Educational Concerns, Etc.

For those involved in a conflict or disagreement:

Are you tired of fighting? Have you run out of options?
What do you want, and how are you going to get there?

Mediation provides a forum.

When parties in a disagreement can come together and freely communicate with each other, they often find they aren’t as far away from a resolution as they think.

Mediation allows people to structure their own solution.

A mediator provides a confidential space to listen and assist the parties in reaching a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution.

Mediation encourages fairness, openness, and collaboration.

Mediation does not require everyone to simply compromise to reach an agreement… but it does provide a mechanism for conflict resolution by consensus.

I will help guide you to a satisfactory consensus by allowing you to explore options that otherwise would not be available through litigation.

For more information about the advantages of mediation,