How Mediation Works

Participants work together to bridge the gap and reach an agreement.

A mediator serves as an honest broker who assists the parties in reaching their own consensus. Participants decide the terms of the resolution, not the mediator. There is no determination of guilt or innocence. The goal is resolution focused based on a level of mutual respect.

After a mediation is concluded, all records are destroyed except for the intake form and agreement. Any discussions that occur during mediation are strictly confidential and is a prerequisite to participation.

The Path to Resolution



Mediation is initiated by a request submitted through the intake form on this website. Once a request is received, I will reach out to all parties to obtain their agreement to participate. After all parties are contacted, I will review the circumstances and determine whether the case is appropriate for mediation.



All mediation session scheduling will take into account each party’s availability. Once availability has been determined, a non-refundable deposit of $150 will be required to secure the first session. Once a mediation session has been scheduled, the parties will receive an email or a phone call confirming the date, time, and location of the mediation session.  The participants will be required to sign an Agreement to Mediate prior to or at the beginning of that first session.



During mediation, each party will have the opportunity to discuss relevant issues, point of view, and the individuals’ preferred outcome. I will help the parties identify all the issues that need to be discussed and facilitate brainstorming possible solutions. I will work to keep the sessions structured, non-confrontational, and expedient. This will allow each party to participate in good faith and focus on reaching a mutually agreeable consensus.



Upon reaching a resolution, I will draft a Mediation Agreement (MA) specifying what each party promises to honor. The signed agreement does not designate fault, but lays out a plan of action which is future oriented.

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